Here we provide all available Downloads for ICN @ ITEC.

Persistent Interests

The source code for enabling research on Persistent Interests in NDN is made open source and available on GitHub. You can find modifications for ndnSIM, as well as for the NFD itself in the following repository:

NDN Testbed

Here you can download complete set of images containing all necessary software to run a NDN-based testbed on Banana Pi routers. For more information please visit the NDN Network page providing a step by step tutorial on how to successfully set up a network of Banana Pi routers.

Name Version Type Modified Link
pi_scripts 1.2 Scripts 16.08.2016 GitHub
pi_ssd_image 1.2 Disk Image 16.08.2016 HTTP|FTP
pi_microsd_image 1.0 Boot Image 28.10.2015 HTTP|FTP
gateway_installation_guide 1.0 Manual 17.02.2016 HTTP

NDN Testbed: Wireless Network Emulation

Name Version Type Modified Link
emulation_lib 1.0 Python3 library 29.08.2018 GitHub
emulation_lib-example-scenarios 1.0 Python3 scripts 29.08.2018 GitHub
pi_ssd_image 2.0 Disk Image 30.08.2018 HTTP|FTP
pi_microsd_image 2.0 Boot Image 30.08.2018 HTTP|FTP
Artifact bundle (paper) 1.0 Archive 30.08.2018 HTTP|FTP

Version 2.0 of the system image is created from scratch and is based on Debian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch) 4.14.42 (Bananian build script from the Armbian team).
After transferring the pi_ssd_image to a SSD, you might want to expand the system partition to fill the whole drive (using e.g. gparted).

Forwarding Strategies for ndnSIM

Name Version Type Modified Link
SAF 1.2 ndnSIM Plugin 16.02.2016 GitHub
iNRR (competitor to SAF) 1.0 ndnSIM Plugin 28.10.2015 GitHub
RFA (competitor to SAF) 1.0 ndnSIM Plugin 28.10.2015 GitHub
OMP-IF (competitor to SAF) 1.0 ndnSIM Plugin 08.02.2016 GitHub


Name Version Type Modified Link
DAS Consumer/Producer 1.0 NDN Application 15.04.2016 GitHub
Supplementary (Web-)applications varied Support Applications 21.11.2016 GitHub


Name Link