Meet us @ ICN’17

We are proud to announce that our Poster Adaptive Forwarding of Persistent Interests in Named Data Networking has been accepted for presentation at the 4th ACM Conference on Information-Centric Networking (ICN 2017) in Berlin. We are going to present our poster there and look forward to inspiring discussions about our work. You may find the abstract of the article below, and a preprint version here.

We are looking forward to meeting you @ ICN’17.

AbstractPersistent Interests (PIs) are a promising approach to introduce push-type traffic in Named Data Networking (NDN), in particular for conversational services such as voice and video calls. Forwarding decisions for PIs are crucial in NDN because they establish a long-lived path for the data flowing back toward the PI issuer. In the course of studying the use of PIs in NDN, we investigate adaptive PI forwarding and present a strategy combining regular NDN forwarding information and results from probing potential alternative paths through the network. Simulation results indicate that our adaptive PI forwarding approach is superior to the PI-adapted Best Route strategy when network conditions change due to link failures. [bibtex] [pdf]

If you are interested in working with Persistent Interests, check out our Persistent Interest Site or our Source Code on Github.